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Empower people to enjoy more healthy years by giving insight into their heath status and providing them with personalized guidance

Health is a dynamic and complex process that can feel overwhelming. At HealthBlocks we give you insights into your personal health by periodically measuring a set of biomarkers and lifestyle. We help and support you to create a healthy daily routine.  

Meet HealthBlocks!

We believe in a proactive approach in which you get the opportunity to monitor your health and we provide a professional support system that helps you to reach your goals.


We give you the chance to periodically measure your health with the HealthBlocks Check. During the HealthBlocks Check we measure a set of biomarkers based on science and innovation. By periodically measuring these biomarkers we get a better understanding about your overall health and can relate that to your real-life situation. 

Lifestyle Doctor

Our lifestyle doctors helps you to better understand your health by discussing the HealthBlocks Check but foremost by listening to you. Together with the doctor you make a personalized plan that reflects your health goals.


Health doesn’t happen at the doctor instead it starts with your daily routines and the environments you spend most of your time. HealthBlocks helps you to reach your personal goals by supporting you along the way. We are available to answer your questions and give guidance on lifestyle topics among other things nutrition, exercise and stress management. Furthermore, we develop technical innovations that help you to make healthy choices.

We need action, now!

Although life expectancy is on the rise in most parts of the world we also face some big health challenges. To solve these challenges we need to look at health and disease care from a different perspective.

50% of adults has a chronic disease

Disease care cost will double by 2040 to €174 mld per year

Average age of first chronic disease:

Male: 40,7 years

Female: 37,8 years

50% of adults is overweight, 12% of children

16% of employees has burn-out related symptoms

Future of health(care)

We strongly believe in a healthcare system that is proactively involved in our health. Current healthcare is aimed at helping people when it is already too late, it is what we call disease care.


Research shows that only about 20% of how long the average person lives is dictated by genes, while 80% is determined by lifestyle and environment. Showing that the main focus of a healthcare system should be on lifestyle and environment. 

HealthBlocks is driven by the vision that being involved in your own health can be easy, fun and engaging. Our team work passionately to bring together the latest science, professionals, technology and innovation to give you the best experience to work on your health. 


Ryan Geerdink


Msc. Science, Business & Innovation

Rosanne Warmerdam

Founder & CEO

Msc. Biomedical Science

Daan Warmerdam


MA. Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Ready to launch in…

HealthBlocks roadmap

2019 Q3

- Start of HealthBlocks.

- Engaging with partners to develop HealthBlocks Check.

- Designing and preparing pilot projects.

2019 Q4

- Start of pilot project.

- First data and experiences of pilot project.

- Developing the concept further.

2020 Q2

- Finishing pilot project

- Partnerships HealthBlocks


2020 Q4

- Opening first HealthBlocks location. 


We are always looking for partners that want to work together to bring HealthBlocks to as many people as possible. 

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